Wanda Luna

We know nutrition/consistency is #1 to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order for me stay on top of it all I have to have my meals accessible. When I learned about Fit Meals 4u, I was super excited because they were close to work and they deliver. Every time I went in they always had bulk meals available or they would put some together for me real quick!! Also Heather & Joe are amazing! Taste is great and the BEST Pico de gallo PERIOD!!! Def recommend it. […] continue reading »

David E.

When you really believe in the words “You are what you eat” Fit Meals 4 U is the only place in Vegas for your meal prep. The owner and his staff are not only business people but Athletes themselves. I have tried many of these services in Vegas only to find that they cut corners (Quality/Portion size) to increase their profits. I have seen a great improvement in my calorie intake, quality of macros, and energy from eating “Quality” foods from Fit Meal 4 U.

BTW…The High Protein Cheesecake is to die for, a must have for the sweet tooth lovers. […] continue reading »

Santino DeWreede

Fit Meals is my go to for clean bulk ordering to last me the week. With work, new born & training, knowing I have delicious & quality food on hand from Fit Meals 4 You is a life saver. The pasta meals might be a little too good!! […] continue reading »

Lexi Birgman

Fit meals has been a lifesaver. I cook my own food, and normally I’m all set. I love having the option to grab a few extra meals for on the go, or I’ll grab just my protein to prep my food for the week. I’ve tried most the food prep places in town, and they’re usually covered in salt and sauce. I’m not a fan especially when the extra junk on top doesn’t make it taste good. It just adds extra calories. Got meals puts the perfect amount of seasoning, the perfect portion sizes, and it’s always perfectly cooked! I send all my nutrition clients here if they need meal prep because I trust them! […] continue reading »

Bethany Shadburne

I have been using fit meals 4 U for over a year now and can honestly say out of all the meal prep companies that I have used in the past ( and there has been a lot) fit meals has been my favorite! I’m super picky when it comes to food and I have a lot of food sensitivities, so I was happy to see on their website that you can do custom meals, which is all I do. They are always super fresh and I love that I can order them 1-2 days before and they arrive quickly! Thank you fit meals 4 U for all the support and tasty meals! […] continue reading »