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    • 11 $
      DESCRIPTION: Lean turkey with our Greek style home-made spiced tomato sauce over gluten free Angel Hair pasta and topped with Parmesan cheese. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 39g, Carbs: 77g, Fat: 13g, Calories: 560
    • 11 $
      DESCRIPTION: Grilled Chicken Drizzled with Sweet & Spicy Sauce and Fresh Cut Pineapple on a Bed of White Rice. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 49g, Carbs: 52g, Fat: 5g, Calories: 463
    • 14 $
      DESCRIPTION: Angus steak with green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes sautéed in gluten free (low sodium) soy sauce on a bed of brown rice. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 35g, Carbs: 46g, Fat: 15g, Calories 456
    • 14 $
      DESCRIPTION: Grilled Angus steak seasoned with our own homemade blend of low-sodium spices, with fresh seared green beans and whole grain wild rice. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 42g, Carbs: 39g, Fat: 15g, Calories: 460
    • 12 $
      DESCRIPTION: Lean beef on a bed of fiesta brown rice with corn, black beans, and topped with fresh Pico De Gallo and chopped cilantro. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 36g, Carbs: 52g, Fat: 8g, Calories: 425
    • 14.5 $
      DESCRIPTION: Angus steak with white rice and black beans served with homemade guacamole and Pico De Gallo. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 41g, Carbs: 49g, Fat: 18g, Calories: 519g
    • 11.5 $
      DESCRIPTION: Grilled chicken with white rice and black beans served with homemade guacamole and Pico De Gallo. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 56g, Carbs: 49g, Fat: 10g, Calories: 511
    • 11 $
      DESCRIPTION: Baked tilapia drizzled with our house made lemon pepper sauce served with brown rice and asparagus. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 32g, Carbs: 50g, Fat: 5g, Calories: 363
    • 11 $
      DESCRIPTION: Seasoned grilled chicken with baked red potato wedges served with fresh mixed vegetables including zucchini, and red peppers. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 50g, Carbs: 37g, Fat: 5g, Calories: 392
    • 15 $
      DESCRIPTION: Grilled salmon and jasmine rice served with grilled zucchini spears drizzled with low sodium soy sauce. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 33g, Carbs: 52g, Fat: 23g, Calories: 548
    • 11 $
      DESCRIPTION: Extra lean turkey on jasmine rice served with a side of our house made guacamole and pico de gallo. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 34g, Carbs: 30g, Fat: 13g, Calories: 367
    • 11 $
      DESCRIPTION: Grilled chicken breast seasoned with our homemade blend of low-sodium spices, fresh seared green beans, and whole grain wild rice. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 48g, Carbs: 39g, Fat: 3g, Calories: 375
    • 11 $
      DESCRIPTION: Our lemon pepper style grilled chicken with Jasmine rice and fresh green beans. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 51g, Carbs: 51g, Fat: 5g, Calories: 461
    • 11 $
      DESCRIPTION: Grilled chicken served with baked sweet potato slices (sweetened with Splenda), and green beans. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 49g, Carbs: 41g, Fat: 5g, Calories: 407
    • 13 $
      DESCRIPTION: Bison burger with diced onions, peppers, served with red potato wedges, and green beans. ----- MACROS: Proteins: 33g, Carbs: 35g, Fat: 14g, Calories: 388
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